Bonus “C” bar – Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company

Before you judge me too harshly for still eating Christmas chocolate in June…in my defense, I only received this Cacao Atlanta Limited Edition 60% dark chocolate crushed peppermint bar when Projet Chocolat stopped by during a visit in early May. It’s only been in my stash for just a little over a month, I think I should be applauded for my restraint! 😉


Love the classic copper foil stamped & embossed label + logo as well as the mouth-watering peppermint candy photo from the outside of the box.


Upon opening the inner wrapper, I was instantly transported back to the time that I toured Celestial Seasonings’ tea factory in Colorado and we visited the peppermint oil storage room…ah, what a brisk and refreshing aroma! It was all I could do to maintain concentration while taking photos & not immediately bite into the bar!

What a pleasant surprise to find that the crushed peppermint candy pieces were mixed in with their signature Cacao Blend 29 (made from 2 different bean varietals).


I could have eaten the entire 1.5 oz. bar in one sitting! The combination of the dark chocolate and the crunchy mint was heavenly…so, maybe, those are angel wings on the four mini cacao pods on the front of their epiphany bars?!


Along with chocolate bars, Cacao Atlanta also creates truffles, confections and more.  Check out for details!

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