E is for Ethereal Confections

From Merriam-Webster – Ethereal (adj.):  resembling heaven; seeming to belong to another world.

About three months ago, I purchased this handcrafted inclusion bar at a local natural foods store that strives to sell only pure, ethical and sustainable products.


While I realize that the “best by” date expired already (Ethereal recommends consuming the bar within a month of purchase), I was willing to take a risk and wait to consume it as part of the Eating the Chocolate Alphabet series. Even though the chocolate did experience some temperature fluctuations, it did not disappoint in terms of taste and overall appearance.

The foil wrapped bar bulged within its paper outer wrapper, giving me an indication of the generous amount of premium ingredients that were just bursting to be tasted.



The two sisters who run Ethereal use their own unique recipes and craft each bar by hand to create the perfect balance of chocolate and nuanced fusion flavor combinations. This 66% dark chocolate paired with Macadamia nuts, dried raspberries and Kaffir lime leaves takes you on a multi-sensory journey. First you see & smell the nuts and berries; then you sink your teeth into those two crunchy main ingredients and lastly you taste the citrusy lime leaves that must have infused the chocolate itself.



Can’t wait to try the rest of their heavenly flavor combinations, though (to be honest) I’m afraid that their scorpion chile/bourbon/sea salt/pecan bar might pack a little too much heat to be considered “ethereal” for me 😉

Check out their website for all the details about their quaint Victorian storefront café in the heart of the bucolic/serene town of Woodstock, IL (better known as the setting for the “Groundhog Day” movie):  https://www.etherealconfections.com/

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