Hello world! Coming soon I’ll be Eating the Chocolate Alphabet…one bar at a time!

At the beginning of 2016, I started an Instagram account (@myic2016) to chronicle “My Year in Chocolate.” What a journey that’s been so far! Inspired by other bloggers and Instagrammers, over the next 26 weeks I’ll be eating the chocolate alphabet…one bar at a time.

There will be a bar for each letter of the alphabet, though some letters will have a “bonus” bar since it was so hard to choose just one. For this experience, I’m choosing only chocolate makers/chocolatiers that I haven’t tried before. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a “Q” and “Y” company soon (please let me know if you have any suggestions!!)

Stay tuned…the adventure will be starting soon!

2 thoughts on “Hello world! Coming soon I’ll be Eating the Chocolate Alphabet…one bar at a time!”

  1. Hi! Josh told me about your blog, and Josh and I were chatting about your quest. For Y, check out York Cocoa, and a new project Yabisi. For Q, check out Q & Co, Quinta, and Quinto. You can see a list of choc makers I know of by World or USA, on the Choco Rush blog.

    Do you already have bars for all the other letters picked out? Let us know if we can help you get one!


    1. Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for your note. I’m super thrilled that Josh mentioned this project to you!! Estelle from “37 Chocolates” also mentioned York Cocoa to me recently…I’m currently trying convince my UK friends (or friends traveling to the UK soon) to obtain some for me. Based on what I’ve seen on their website, they don’t really have chocolate bars (mostly bon bons), is that true? I have “contenders” picked out for S, T & Z, but haven’t obtained them yet…so I could be swayed based on expert recommendations like yours 🙂

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